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Two elderly cats that were declawed were lately surrendered to your New York protection because their ” proprietor did not have moment”. Those two beauties at the moment are inside the treatment of County Shelter in Sanford. They truly are not doing well at the housing, which can be common in senior cats. Extra information are available below out of this Facebook twine. 2 females were surrendered the owner did not have time for them. Both spayed and are declawed #20144 is Sassy she’s 14 yrs old #20143 is Samantha she is 9 yrs old. If anyone might help please do this they do not just like the housing atmosphere Contact information for your housing is listed below.

This employs fiberglass or steel panels riveted together.

Lee County Animal Control Officer II Phone:(919) 776-7446 EXT:4301 E-Mail: If you can offer both of these senior beauties a warm indoor house in which to live out their mature year, please contact the shelter immediately. Make sure you discuss their narrative with pals and saves in the Sanford. However, responses are closed on account of cat-.

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