Riverflies Partnership

Linked to ongoing interests in environmental sustainability as well as a 30-year river fly fishing obsession for trout, Ian Banks has acted as a trained volunteer to carry out montly invertebrate sampling for the Riverflies Partnership since March 2016. Hosted by the Freshwater Biological Association (where he is a Member), data is collected monthly on the River Wharfe at Buckden in the Yorkshire Dales. This data is compiled into a monthly Blog for the Bradford City Anglers club who have beats on the river.

The Anglers’ Riverfly Monitoring Initiative run by the Riverfly Partnership has been established since 2007. Anglers and conservation volunteers from more than 100 partner organisations carry out regular freshwater invertebrate surveys to check for severe changes in water quality. Target Groups of invertibrates monitored and counted following a 3-minute kick sample include: Cased Caddis, Caseless Caddis, Mayfly, BWO, Flat Bodied (Heptageniidae) Olives, Stoneflies and Freshwater Shrimp.


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