National Union of Journalists

Ian Banks was formally elected as a freelance journalist to Associate Membership of the National Union of Journalists in March 2019 (Membership Number: W058192 )

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) rules state that “…the union shall consist of journalists, including photographers, creative artists working editorially in newspapers, magazines, books, broadcasting, public relations and information, and electronic media; as advertising and fashion photographers, advertising copywriters, editorial computer systems workers…”. The UK standard classification code published by the Office of National Statistics lists a series of roles defined as journalistic. These form the single occupational group of “journalist, newspaper and periodical editors” and include for the purposes of Ian Banks at Atoll as a freelance feature writer.

NUJ membership carries with it rights and responsibilities:

  • Members are expected to help strengthen the union and abide by its principles and practices.
  • Strength through unity – The NUJ is a trade union founded on the principle that the pay and conditions of individuals at work are best improved by, collectively, improving the conditions of all.
  • Staff journalists and freelances together – The NUJ has among its members both employees and self-employed members. Both groups share a common interest in promoting high standards of journalism and in defending security of work and the levels of pay offered in the industry.

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