Project: New House & Swimming Pool
Location: Kermincham, Swettenham
Cost: £4,000,000
Contractor: EP Muldoon

Pool Contractor: KDT Swimming Pools

Interior Designer: Angel Martin

Structural Insulation Panel Desginers: Sipco

Electrical / Home Automation & Media: iHomes Cheshire

Specialist Joinery: Eves Joinery

Bathrooms & Tiling: Artisan

GSHP: Groundheat

PV: Northern Solar

Hard & Soft Landscaping: Urban Landscape Design
Structural Engineer:  HBL Assiociates
Site Programme: 36 months
Service: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 0 – 7 (to Handover and In-Use)
Contract: JCT Intermediate with Contractor Design
Project Status: Practical Completion 2018

Description: The project brief was to create a new sustainable 4-bedroom luxury house and swimming pool to sit alongside a converted 1-bed annex apartment. The existing annex was retained to maintain a breeding roost of Long-Eared Brown Bats in it’s loft roofspace, and the new house was constructed to provide further bat roosting in the full roofspace above a new 10m swimming pool. The construction was a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) system and the house and pool is heated by a megaflow Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) with 3,600m of underground pipe loops. Phased demoltions (consecutive phases over a 2 year breeding cycles) allowed for the decant of breeding bats from the existing 2-storey house under Natural England Licence.

The house has been featured as an exemplar case study in the housing section of the 2018 Parliamentary Review. See pages 35-37 on the following flipbook.

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