Project: Custom Co-Living Houses
Location: Ribchester
Cost: £500k

Associate Architect: Jules Karczewski

3D Sketch-Up: Alice Kaiser
Contractor: tbc
Structural Engineer: tbc
Site Programme: tbc
Service: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 0 – 3 only
Project Status: Pre App Submission due July 2021

Description: The project brief is to try to test through both a Pre-App submission and an outline planning application, the potential for an in-principle approval on a proposed ‘self-build and custom housebuild’ co-living family settlement and ‘lifetime home’ development on the site of an old agricultural barn within an existing house plot in Open Countryside just outside of the Settlement Boundary. The application for two houses looks to gain acceptance of the exemptions test for exemplar design as part of the so-called Paragraph 79 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and to explore the precedents of sustainable house design and a new co-living family settlement model. It is looking to challenge the precedent of Class Q Permitted Development, on the basis that the proposals are more sustainable and appropriate design-wise.

Submission will include a detailed Design & Access Statement prepared by Atoll and backed-up with a 3D CAD model of both existing and proposed.

Categories: Architecture

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