Real Homes Single Storey Extension Guide

Real Homes 3-part expert guide has been created to help you cost, plan and design a single storey house extension projects. The three parts covers key information on costing, planning advice and design services as follows:

What is the cost of a single storey extension?
Planning a single storey extension
Designing a single storey extension

Building work costs depend on the results you’re after, but reckon to pay around £1,500 to £1,900 per square metre for basic quality; £1,900 to £2,200 per square metre for good quality; and  £2,200 to £2,400 per square metre for excellent quality.

For an average single storey extension of 4m x 5m, the build cost would therefore be £30,000 upwards for basic quality; from £38,000 for good quality; and from £44,000 for excellent quality. 

Remember, this is without interior fit out costs, and professional fees (see more on this below), which come in at around 10 to 15 per cent,and VAT at 20 per cent. With these added, the lowest build cost for a 4m x 5m single storey extension would be just shy of £40,000, with the upper end nearer £58,000. Don’t forget too, that in certain parts of the country, costs will be significantly higher”.

For an accurate estimate of how much your single storey extension will cost, use the Real Homes extension cost calculator and you can check out out more detailed Benchmark Cost Guide.

Working With an Architect on Your Home

Check out the advice from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and download their various free guides, including their information and advocacy on the benefits of Working With an Architect on Your Home .

Ian Banks has been a Chartered RIBA Architect now for over 30 years, and would be delighted to assist you. Call him now on 07717710014 or email him at .

Further information and guides are also accessible off the new Houzz Pro website for Atoll Architecture.

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