Starting 5th March 2012 and running for 365 consequetive entries (and beyond this with occassional posts) Ian Banks posted a daily photo journal blog via his Atoll Blipfoto portal.

Photos were taken on an increasingly ratty old iPhone 4S and stories told were trivial, and obscure and obtuse in equal measure. A Fantastic 5 ‘F’s’ of family, friends, football, food and fishing features a lot.

Scroll down to read a few random ones or click on their title links to go to the Blipfoto post…..

Useful Dave’s Dolphin Blowhole

Useful Dave is beginning to really come good down at Bristol’s Floating Harbour, where he is working on friend Martin’s yacht Betty Blue to get it ready for it’s inaugural sail down to Dartmouth.

He was asked if he could fit a porthole in the washboard of the access companionway (to let in daylight). He not only obliged, but carved a dolphin detail into it as well. This was a gift for Martin’s son Joe who has always had a passion for them ever since he was a kid. Detail picture of Useful Dave and Joe with it it fitted neatly in place on Blipofolio here.

You will see Useful Dave’s ever-present liccorice roll-up in hand. I hear Martin has now bought him a stash of tobacco, so the used tea-bags are safe for now.

Dave is coming on the trip with us, so really looking forward to spending some time with him. What a lovely eccentric character.

POSTSCRPT: Sad to report that Dave passed away in 2017, but I include this post in celebration of his life and originality.

Stone Me

Of course not essential that this blip be appreciated alongside Van Morrison’s And it Stoned Me but I like it as it sums up my lovely day fishing. The rain also held off – just.

Me and MrsB spent most of the day on the river at Addingham, me fly fishing, and she sitting in her canvas chair riverside reading her book. Shared pack lunch was half an uneaten pizza from the doggy bag of last nights Italian meal, a flask of milky coffee, and a couple of slices of yesterdays birthday cake.

Fishing was hard because the wind was strong and making casting and staying in control of the fly tricky. I missed a bagful but netted a beautiful wild brownie late on which was returned to fight another day. At one point, I also tried an old Ernest Hemingway trick and fished dry with a grasshopper. Had a fish rise to it and it was on briefly before I lost it.

The riverside B&B in Grassington tonight is absolutely brilliant (did I mention it also has free fishing?). We were welcomed-in by kind hosts Robin and Beryl with a lovely pot of tea and freshly baked and still warm scones in the ‘music room’.

MrsB thinks my shot of the little Beech leaf in the river today looks like a lit candle. It didn’t occur to me at the time but I think she’s right.


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