Lahore Chandigarh

Ian Banks was commissioned by the artist William Titley to write a 2000 word introduction to his book Lahore Chandigarh, which was published in October 2012 by Café Royal Books. Titled ‘A Straight Path or the Pack Donkey’s Way?’ , the piece was written as a preface to Titley’s journal of his Lahore & Chandigarh street photography and subsequent exhibition series of 24hr visual installment/performances in sites and venues around the UK, India and Pakistan. The article sets a tone by charting the ancient and more modern urban planning influences on the two Punjabi cities. ISBN 978-0-9554693-9-8

A Straight Path or The Pack-Donkey’s Way? – Rambles about Chandigarh and Lahore by ianbanks on Scribd

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