Design Council

Atoll are delighted to report that as of April 2021, Ian Banks has been formally re-appointed on the updated Design Council Experts Directory as one of their new ‘Expert Specialists’ working nationally alongside their parallel team of Ambassadors. He has also been linked as an Associate on their new Industrial Design Council database, where they state, a: “75-year history and network of 450 associates across the design economy mean we can convene impartial and inclusive spaces to tackle tricky problems.”

Design Council acknowledge that their Associate Experts: “are designers, renowned in their fields. They contribute their experience and skills to our pool of knowledge about design that works, design practice knowledge and programme delivery”. 

In Ian’s case, his expertise is in the creative-collaborative fields of architecture, public art and creative engagement in regeneration. This meets with Design Council aims to help foster Healthy Placemaking for Healthy Lives, and who “collectively embody the organisation’s commitment to make life better by design”.

Ian Banks had been part of the Design Council network of 400 select ‘Built Environment Experts’ (BEE’s) since June 2912, working nationally to support the Council’s work delivering high-quality design throughout England.

For more information read the April 2021 Design Council Announcement of its “refreshed network of more than 400 built and natural environment experts” and download the 2021 Design Council Experts Directory

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