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Atoll are delighted to report that as of May 2024, Ian Banks has been formally re-appointed for a third consecutive time onto the latest Design Council Experts cohort. Quoting from the Design Council press release:

Our Experts are design pioneers who work with us to advocate for design, share knowledge about best practice and help us deliver advice and programmes.

We are using this process as an opportunity to reduce the number of experts to ensure we can meaningfully engage with the new cohort and to increase the regional and demographic diversity, as well as representing a full spectrum of design disciplines.

To tackle the climate crisis we have to redesign nearly everything about the way we live our lives and that means every designer working towards a regenerative future. We are looking for the best voices from every area of design to push forward the Design for Planet mission.

Ian Banks had been part of Design Council’s network of Experts working nationally since June 2012, to help support the Council’s delivery of high-quality design throughout England. Ian is also linked as a named Associate on their Industrial Design Council database. Re-confirmation as a Design Council Expert continues the expectation for all Experts to abibe by a published Code of Conduct.

His specialism is the complex and collaborative fields of arts + regeneration. This field forever shifts its focus – but is being targetted increasingly to creatively and sustainably engage communities of place, use and interest and help inform a better sense of place and wellbeing. This specialised cultural work also links to Design Council aims to help foster Healthy Placemaking for Healthy Lives.

For more information on this, read Design Council’s 2024 new cohort announcement published from June 2024. This will include the hosting information on their next Design for Planet Festival due in Manchester in November 2024, and the 34th World Design Congress being planned in London in September 2025.


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