Project: Rossendale Valley Sailing Club
Location: Clowbridge, Rossendale
Cost: £250,000 + VAT
Programme: 8 months
Service: Pozzoni Design Group RIBA Services Works Stage A – D
Contract: Consultant Contract Architect
Project Status: Completed 2002

Description: Contracted as a freelance architect for Pozzoni Design Group their project brief care of their clients Rossendale Valley Sailing Club was to design a new sailing clubhouse at Clowbridge Reservoir, Rossendale. Quoting Pozzoni’s own website description: “The low profile design minimises wind turbulence and shadows over the water providing sheltered external verandas to the leeward shore & panoramic views over the lake. The Centre is partially earth covered into the hillside on its winward elevation, thus affording the appearance of being part of the landscape. Includes Radar approved disabled facilities, and sports facilities based upon established Sports Council principles and regulations”.

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